Something like: from sqlalchemy On the Specify Table Copy or Query window, get all data from a table/view by choosing the Copy data from one or more tables or views radio button or to specify which data will be exported to the CSV file by writing an SQL query by choosing the Write a query to specify the data to transfer radio button. Split a Redshift table into multiple CSV parts on S3 and return their locations as file IDs and presigned S3 urls. civis_to_multifile_csv: Split a Redshift table into multiple CSV parts on S3 in civis: R Client for the 'Civis Platform API'

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    RedShift Redshift is a column-oriented cloud-based data warehouse system built by Amazon. Some say it was so they could stop relying on Oracle after the CEO of Oracle boasted about Amazon needing Oracle to stay in business. Redshift cluster comprises of multiple machines which store a fraction of the data.

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    Amazon Redshift is the most popular and fastest cloud data warehouse that lets you easily gain insights from all your data using standard SQL and your existing business intelligence (BI) tools. Amazon Redshift automates common maintenance tasks and is self-learning, self-optimizing, and constantly adapting to your actual workload to deliver the best possible performance. Amazon […]

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